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Contact us today, and let us assist you in selecting the perfect amount of food for your exceptional event.

CALL: 02 6169 7475 or use our catering form additionally for more information click here.

Please give us 24-48 hours prior notice of your order.

What We Provide

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Experience tailored weekend functions where guests can hire the venue. Benefit from our strong relationships with suppliers, we generally offer an exquisite selection of white and red wines that complement those already featured from the wineries showcased.

Join us Friday nights to unwind with your favorite beer or wine, mingle with friends and kick off your weekend in style
We pour Canberra draft beer. Currently serving Bentspoke, Capital and Pact beer.
As each event is unique, we kindly request that interested clients contact the cafe directly to arrange a visit. This allows us to tailor our offerings to your needs and showcase the venue's possibilities firsthand.
We exclusively feature wines from the Canberra region. Our small yet curated wine menu rotates frequently, introducing different wineries showcasing their exceptional offerings.
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    Cold Drinks

    Sparkling water


    Can drinks


    Bottled drinks




    Seasonal fruit & vegetable juices


    Thick shakes






    Extras - Soy milk | almond milk | lactose-free milk | oat milk


    Hot Drinks

    Hot chocolate

    $ 4.5/5.2/6.0


    $ 4.5/5.2


    $ 4.5/5.2


    $ 4.5


    $ 4.5/5.2/6.0

    Three-quarter latte (baristas choice)


    Flat white

    $ 4.5/5.2/6.0


    $ 4.5/5.2/6.0



    Chai latte


    Long black




    Ice coffee (black/milk)


    Extras - soy | almond | oat | lactose free | decaf extra shot | single origin


    Teas - English breakfast | earl grey | lemongrass ginger honeydew green
    | peppermint | Malabar chai


    Finger Food

    Served from 7.30am (excluding Sushi and Fried Chicken- Available from 11.30am)

    Falafel Balls


    Fried Chicken


    POKE Bowl




    Sausage Roll


    Spinach Filo


    Zucchini Puffs


    Wing dings


    A La Carte Breakfast

    Available 6:30am to 11:30am

    Bacon and Egg Roll


    Bacon and Egg Roll with Avocado


    Breakfast Wrap

    $ 13.0

    Bacon, eggs, cheese and hash brown with sauce in a tortilla wrap



    Ham and Cheese Wrap


    Toasted Chicken Wrap

    $ 10.0

    with Spanish onion, cheese, mayo and celery


    $ 12.0

    Choice of fried, scrambled or poach eggs served with toasted bread

    Smashed Avocado

    $ 18.0

    with feta, grilled tomato served with poached eggs and toast


    $ 14.0

    Honey and spice granola served with yogurt and berry compote

    Fruit Plate

    $ 12.0

    Seasonal fresh fruit with yoghurt

    Vegetarian Omelette

    $ 15.0

    Mixture of pumpkin, capsicum, onion, parsley cheese and eggs

    Eggs Benedict

    $ 19.0

    With avocado spread on sourdough and choice of bacon, ham, salmon and spinach


    Ham | Salmon | Bacon | Avocado

    $ 4.0

    Grilled Tomato | Hash browns | Mushroom | Baby Spinach


    Gluten Free bread

    $ 3.0

    Meat & Bread

    Available 11:30pm to 2:00pm 

    Meat and Bread

    $ 12.5/13.5

    Chicken or beef/mixed, coleslaw and sauce on a focaccia roll

    Meat on a Plate

    $ 16.5/17.5

    Chicken or beef/mixed, rice with a choice of salad and sauce

    Vegetarian Plate

    $ 16.0

    with rice, one choice of salad and sauce (V)

    Snack Pack

    $ 16.5/17.5

    Chicken or beef/mixed, served with chips and sauce

    Extra meat

    $ add 4.5


    $ add 2.0

    Savoury Station

    Available 12:00pm till sold out

    Daily Choices


    With Salad


    Salads & Stuff

    Available 12:00pm till sold out

    Small Daily Choices


    Large Daily Choices


    A La Carte Lunch

    Available 11.30am to 2.00pm

    Chicken Schnitzel Focaccia

    $ 18.0

    Butter focaccia and filled with lettuce, tomato, cheese
    and sweet chilli aioli served with a side of chips

    Fish and Chips

    $ 19.0

    Lightly battered whiting fillets served with tartare sauce and a side of chips and salad

    Chicken Schnitzel

    $ 16.0

    with chips and gravy

    Brew N Brew Cheeseburger

    $ 18.0

    150g Beef pattie complemented with lettuce tomato and
    onions topped up with cheese, tomato sauce and mustard